• I’m driving from Grand Targhee, Wyoming back to Vancouver, BC anyone know any cool routes or places to go through on the way back?! Yellowstone? Glacier National? Hmmmm…. Any ideas?

As I replied we went from Yellowstone south through Jackson hole and then back through Idaho and hit craters of the moon state park. It’s all lava flows and is in the middle of a shit pile of fenced government land— kinda creepy if you’ve never been that way.

Then we went up through Yakima and out to hwy 12 west and stayed at the cabin on rimrock lake for a day. there’s a neat, scenic drive around the lake, an elk feeding station on 12 and if you go down through packwood there’s a few herds of elk down that way. Elbe has a great coffee shop and it’ll spit you out on I5 through puyallup. Plus before you get to graham there’s always Northwest Trek Wildlife park.

I know you've been to the Frendly Gathering and I've seen you strongly dislike Mikkel Bang for personal reasons. Did you have any positive ones with him? Or was that the first and last time you had any dealings with him? Love the blog!

Once. There was one. He was nice.